Project 01 | Land & SHE
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I developed custom graphic designs for my recent solo show at the Stark Galleries at Texas A&M University, including gallery cards that doubled as a map of the exhibition, along with wall vinyl.  The show featured the body of work I developed for my Master of Fine Arts, which explored the mystical, mythical connections between women and the environment.
Land & She Gallery Map/ Brochure
Land & She Gallery Map Detail
Land & She Wall Vinyl
Land & She Wide Shot
Generative Arcs
Arc Work
She Shells Triptych
She Shells Photo Installation
She Shells Sculptures Detail
She Shells Sculpture Detail
Project 02 | Print media for Art Shows
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I have designed, printed, and sometimes even mounted promotional materials for art shows.  The "emBODYment" post cards were sent off to The Art Council's professional printer.  All of the other designs, I printed myself.       
Rejected: Show Closing Poster
Rejected: Social Media Promo
Rejected Show Description
Rejected: Artist Statement
Shameless Self-Promotion (VizaGoGo)
emBODYment Poster
emBODYment Post Card Front
emBODYment Post Card Back
Project 03 | SuperCult Posters
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  Overall Concept:  Posters about movies that are so bad, they're good!  Most posters are parodies or feature visual puns.
  Size:  All posters are 11" x 17" unless otherwise stated. 
Project 04 | Impressionism 360°
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I wrote a program in processing that "impressionizes" photographs and still frames.  Leslie Martin and I transformed the program into a virtual reality experience using Google Cardboard.  The challenge with virtual reality is giving spectators a sense of what is going on inside the headset.  So, I developed these supplemental materials to entice viewers.     
Infographic Poster
Custom Skins for Google Cardboard
Glistening Water Headset
Treetop Headset
Sunrise Headset
Project 05 | Photoshop, Photography, Videography
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